HESLB Public Statement about Samia Skolashipu April, 2023

HESLB Public Statement about Samia Skolashipu April, 2023

I hope you will learn more about the characteristics that make our company a top supplier of crucial government services and a fantastic location to pursue a career as you explore our website. Even though the education sector continues to be the primary economic force behind the development of human capital, it is about to go through a significant shift that will present both opportunities and challenges. Additionally, despite recent advancements in delivery, it is evident that the company still needs to strengthen a number of areas.HESLB Public Statement about Samia Skolashipu April, 2023

HESLB, which was founded in 2005 and is a significant component of the higher education ecosystem, is happy to advance to the next stage of change for sustainability. We are making decisions through our strategy plan, which is motivated .

The core values of HESLB’s company culture are Accountability, Customer-Centricity, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Innovation. These values guide how we conduct business every day. (ACTPIE). They show how we relate to our customers, coworkers, and neighborhoods. We hold each other responsible for building a workplace we can all be pleased of. Last but not least, we welcome collaborations as we support Tanzania’s energetic young population in their future. Enjoy your exploration.

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