An Example of Volunteer / Internship Job Application Letter

an example of volunteer / internship job application letter

An Example of Volunteer / Internship Job Application Letter

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An internship job application letter is a formal document that allows candidates to showcase their enthusiasm, relevant skills, and educational background for a specific internship opportunity. The letter begins with a polite and professional introduction, addressing the hiring manager or internship coordinator. It effectively captures the reader’s attention by expressing a genuine interest in the organization and the specific internship program. The applicant highlights their educational qualifications and any relevant coursework or projects that demonstrate their knowledge in the field.
Additionally, they emphasize their motivation to gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. By highlighting their enthusiasm, educational background, and alignment with the organization’s goals, the applicant sets a positive tone for the rest of the letter.
In the body of the internship job application letter, the candidate focuses on showcasing their relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. They provide specific examples of how their previous experiences or extracurricular activities have prepared them for the internship. The letter highlights transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and attention to detail. The applicant also emphasizes their eagerness to learn and contribute to the organization by expressing a willingness to take on responsibilities and work collaboratively with the team.
Additionally, they mention any specific projects, research, or coursework that align with the internship requirements, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge and skills effectively. Overall, the internship job application letter conveys the candidate’s passion, qualifications, and dedication to making a meaningful contribution to the organization’s success.

Let us check out an example of Volunteer / Internship Job Application Letter. It is polite to provide a cover letter along with your CV when applying for any professional position.
Your cover letter is an opportunity to expand on your CV, showcase some of your most valuable skills and experiences, and raise your chances of getting an interview request.

Both volunteer and paid work fall under this category.
You can express your enthusiasm for a cause and your reasons for wanting to volunteer with the organization in your cover letter.

Example of Volunteer / Internship Job Application Letter

An Example of Volunteer / Internship Job Application Letter , please view the example that you may adopt and modify according below :-







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[Your Name Here]

BOX 14xx,

Dar es Salaam



Tel : +255 123 456


Human Resources

Juhudi Medical

Dar es Salaam,

Dear Sir/Madam,


RE:  Request to volunteer at Juhudi Medical Centre


Please refer to the heading above. My
Names is [Insert your Name Here] a Graduate Student from Kibohehe Institute of Health and Allied Sciences, with a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery. Currently I am awaiting to sit for my License Examination.

As Mentioned above, I am very Sincerely requesting for an opportunity to volunteer in your center in order to gain more practical experience in caring and Saving people’s lives as per my Profession.

I have attached the following copies in this Letter: Copy of report form of NTA Level 04 and level 05, Copy of Birth
Certificate and Copy of Certificate of Leadership and My Resume.

I truly hope that my request will be considered favorably.


 Signature Here

[Insert your Name Here]


Note: Please note that these paragraphs provide a general description of an internship job application letter and do not represent any specific letter. The content provided is fictional and created for illustrative purposes.



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