How to check your HESLB Loan Allocation Status

how to check your heslb loan allocation status [y]

How to check your HESLB Loan Allocation Status 2024

HESLB, which stands for Higher Education Students’ Loans Board, is an institution in Tanzania that plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to students pursuing higher education. HESLB loan allocation refers to the process by which the board allocates loans to eligible students to help cover their tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. The loan allocation process is based on various criteria, including academic performance, financial need, and the availability of funds. HESLB aims to ensure that deserving students have access to affordable education and equal opportunities to pursue their higher education goals. Through the loan allocation system, HESLB contributes significantly to increasing access to higher education for students in Tanzania, enabling them to pursue their studies and shape their future careers.

The HESLB loan allocation process involves several steps and procedures. Students interested in applying for loans must submit their applications within the designated timeframe, providing accurate and complete information about their educational background, financial situation, and chosen course of study. HESLB evaluates the applications based on predetermined criteria, which may include academic qualifications, the availability of funds, and the student’s financial need. Once the evaluation is completed, HESLB announces the loan allocation results, indicating the amount of the loan granted to each student. The loan allocation process aims to ensure transparency, fairness, and equitable distribution of funds. It provides eligible students with the necessary financial support to pursue their higher education dreams and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Steps to Follow on How to check your HESLB Loan Allocation Status

If you need to check your HESLB allocation status the following below are the procedures you can follow:-
Using any browser in your phone, tablet, laptop or computer visit official webpage of HESLB’s Online Loan Application System (OLAMS) at After visiting the page then click on the place it states. Login For Registered applicants. Then after clicking there,  you will see data as follows:-

– Form four index number i.e  S0143.0078.1990)
– Password. This is your password enter during the creating account
– Security code. This is the code that appears  below the login page. You Must be write it as it is shown.

successfully logging in your account, go straight to the part written Allocation Status and click there. You will find out if you have been
allocated for loan or not.

How to know if you have been allocated for Loan or not? See details below.

1. Students Who Get Loan Status

Congratulations, you have been allocated a loan. Remember this is a loan to be paid back, use it as intended.

2. Student who do not get loan Status

The analysis of your application is yet to be finalized. you are advised to visit your SIPA when subsquent loan batches are released

Note that: While the Batch Names are still being announced  be patient.

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