How To Delete A Telegram Account

how to delete a telegram account

How To Delete A Telegram Account 2024

Recent months have seen a lot of criticism against Telegram from international security experts.
The fact that Telegram doesn’t utilize end-to-end encryption by default is the key argument experts are using to steer customers away from it.

How To Delete A Telegram Account

For the aforementioned reason or just because more of your friends use another program, are you thinking about abandoning Telegram?
In either case, you are where you need to be.
You may quickly uninstall the app if you follow the comprehensive list provided below.

How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently From a PC

The default deletion procedure for Telegram users, which necessitates a period of inactivity in the program, can take many months.
There is an emergency exit, though, for those who need to go quickly.
To remove your Telegram account quickly and over the computer, follow the steps below.

Open the account deactivation page.Populate the required field with your phone number (include the country code), and click “Next.”Go back to your Telegram app, you should receive a message containing a code.Enter the code in the required field on the site.Proceed to “Delete Account” from the “Telegram Core” section.If you want, you can leave a comment on why you’re leaving the app, but it isn’t mandatory. Click “Delete My Account.” The app will ask if you are sure you want to proceed. Click “Yes” and the process is done.

Having finished this step, all your info, conversations, and contacts will be permanently deleted from Telegram’s servers.

How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently From an iPhone

Mobile device users don’t have the option to delete their Telegram account that quickly. There is a deactivation process that needs to be followed. That means you will have to set a deletion period during which the app will have to go unused on your phone. Your account will then be permanently deleted along with any data, conversation history, and contacts when the period expires.

Here are the steps to delete your Telegram account from an iPhone:

Open your Telegram App and proceed to “Settings.”Open “Privacy and Security.”Find the “If Away For…” option.Select an amount of time on the drop-down menu.

Leave your account idle for the specified amount of time and it will be automatically deleted.

How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently From an Android Device

The process is pretty much the same for Android users, and follows these specific steps:

Open the “Settings” by going into the app.Open “Privacy and Security.”Select the option “If Away For….”Select the appropriate amount of time.Save your changes.

The account will be deleted if left idle for the specified amount of time.

Now that we
have show you How to Delete a Telegram account, all that is
left is for you to choose the app that suits your needs best.

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