EONII Tanzania First Sci-Fi Movie in Swahili to Feature Robots and Technology

eonii tanzania first sci-fi movie in swahili to feature robots and technology

EONII Tanzania First Sci-Fi Movie in Swahili to Feature Robots and Technology

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Azam TV and Power Brush Studio have just released the first Tanzanian sci-fi movie in Swahili, EONII. The movie is a groundbreaking achievement for African cinema, and it is sure to make waves in the global film industry.

EONII is one of the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) films that is based on high technology, where there are many cases including betrayal, fights, love and many other events. The setting of this movie is Tanzania, where the movie predicts that in 2061 Technology will have made a big step and there is an invention of Technology that is discovered and leads to a big threat where some people will own that knowledge and betray their fellows at the end of the day Humans and Robots enter the war along with some people who are traitors.

EONII movie is entirely in Swahili but surprisingly it has Robots and Machines like Robots, and its theme is Technology and the appearance is of Tanzania after 2061. It is a very strong trailer. I see a big step for the Tanzanian Film Industry.

The way the movie was made is that it used the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) system that is widely used in Hollywood and we have seen it in movies like Superman, Avatar, Avengers and others.

eonii tanzania first sci-fi movie in swahili to feature robots and technology
eonii tanzania first sci-fi movie in swahili to feature robots and technology

AZAM TV in collaboration with POWER BRUSH STUDIO have been able to launch the trailer of the New Movie “EONII”. The movie that is about to be released in the end 25 June, 2023 is expected to change the whole attitude of the Tanzanian film industry, the movie is called ‘EONII’.

EONII is set in a dystopian future where Tanzania has been ravaged by climate change. In this world, a young woman named Eonee must use her newfound powers to save her people from extinction.

The language of the movie will be Swahili, with different languages Subtitles.

Launching the Movie
This full movie will be released on 23rd June, 2023 in cinema (theatres) where the Regions listed for the launching event will be Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Dodoma as well as other regions with cinemas and there will be a Red Carpet.

Film industry revolution​

This is a big revolution in the Film Industry in Tanzania and Africa in general. For a long time, the world of movies in Tanzania had deteriorated for many years since the late Steven Kanumba died, and now AZAM TV has shown the intention to focus on trying to make unique movies in Tanzania to compete with the world markets.

The Fusion of Swahili Language and Futuristic Technology:

EONII distinguishes itself as a remarkable creation, blending the richness of Swahili language with elements of advanced technology. Despite being entirely in Swahili, the film manages to captivate audiences through its imaginative incorporation of robots and machines. This fusion of traditional language and futuristic concepts creates a unique and engrossing cinematic experience that will undoubtedly resonate with both Tanzanian and international viewers.

A Glimpse into the Future: Tanzania in 2061:

EONII takes us on a journey to a future Tanzania, specifically set in the year 2061. The film’s visionary portrayal offers a glimpse into a technologically advanced society, where robots and machines coexist with humanity. By depicting a futuristic version of Tanzania, the movie explores the potential advancements and challenges that await the country. This imaginative depiction serves as a catalyst for discussions around technological progress, societal evolution, and the role of innovation in shaping our future.

The Impact on the Tanzanian Film Industry:

The collaboration between Azam TV and Power Brush Studio for EONII represents a significant leap forward for the Tanzanian Film Industry. This ambitious project showcases the country’s growing capabilities to produce high-quality, visually stunning films with compelling narratives. EONII serves as an inspiration for local filmmakers, encouraging them to explore innovative themes, embrace technological advancements, and push the boundaries of creativity.

A Powerful Trailer that Leaves a Lasting Impression:

The trailer for EONII has created substantial buzz within the industry and among audiences. Its visually striking scenes, coupled with the seamless integration of robots and machines, have garnered attention both domestically and internationally. The powerful trailer introduces viewers to the film’s unique concept and leaves them eager to witness the full story unfold on the silver screen. EONII’s trailer alone has become a testament to the immense potential of Tanzanian cinema.

The collaborative efforts of Azam TV and Power Brush Studio have given birth to EONII, a groundbreaking Swahili film that seamlessly combines futuristic technology with a captivating storyline. By exploring a futuristic Tanzania in 2061, EONII prompts reflection on the impact of technology and innovation on society. This ambitious project signifies a significant step forward for the Tanzanian Film Industry, inspiring local filmmakers and showcasing Tanzania’s ability to create visually stunning and thought-provoking cinema. EONII’s arrival heralds a new era for Tanzanian films, promising exciting possibilities for the future of the industry.


EONII is a landmark film that is sure to make history. It is the first Tanzanian sci-fi movie in Swahili, and it is a groundbreaking achievement for African cinema. The movie is visually stunning, action-packed, and thought-provoking. It is a must-see for anyone who loves sci-fi movies, and it is sure to inspire audiences around the world.