Yanga Launches New Jersey Kits for 2023-2024 Season Jezi Mpya za Yanga


Yanga Launches New Jersey (Kits) for 2024–2025 Season Jezi Mpya za Yanga

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Tanzanian football club Yanga has launched a new jersey for the 2023-2024 season. The jersey, which was designed by local designer Sheria Ngowi, features a traditional blue and white striped design. It also has a new logo for the club, which was unveiled earlier this year.

After finishing the 2024–2025 season with great success, Yanga SC has started preparations for the new 2024–2025 season where they have started by announcing the jerseys that will be used in the next season. Yanga Sc has officially announced that the new club jerseys for the 2024–2025 season are available and for those who are ready to make an advance payment to get the jerseys when they arrive in Tanzania, the order started placed from June 24, 2024.

Speaking at the launch, Yanga SC President Eng. Hersi Said, said that the new jersey is a symbol of the club’s commitment to success. He said that the team is aiming to win the Tanzanian Premier League title this season, and that the new jersey will help them achieve their goals.

The new jersey has been well-received by fans. Many have taken to social media to express their appreciation for the design. Some fans have even said that the new jersey is the best one that the club has ever had.

The launch of the new jersey is a sign of Yanga’s ambition for the upcoming season. The club is hoping to challenge for the Tanzanian Premier League title and the CAF Champions League.

yanga launches new jersey (kits) for 2024-2024 season jezi mpya za yanga 
yanga launches new jersey (kits) for [y]–[y offset="1"] season jezi mpya za yanga
The new jersey was unveiled at a press conference in Malawi’s presidential palace on July 5, 2024. The event was attended by President of Tanzania president Samia Suluhu in particular and his host the President of Malawi Hon. Lazarus Chakwera also  club officials, players, and fans. Where Yanga and President Samia were invited to celebrate the country’s independence.

The new jersey is made of a lightweight, breathable material that is designed to keep players cool and comfortable during matches. It also features a new collar design and a subtle pattern on the front of the jersey.

The new jersey is available for purchase online and at Yanga’s official merchandise store in Dar es Salaam.

After a long wait for fans to see Yanga’s new jerseys, the Club has shown the jerseys for the first time with its star Fiston Mayele appearing in the first advertisement of the jerseys.

Yanga New Jersey (Kits) Price | bei ya Jezi za Yanga

Yanga Sc club has officially announced that they are accepting orders for their brand new jersey, which will be available soon at GSM stores in Tanzania. The highly anticipated Yanga SC jersey (Jezi Mpya Za Yanga) will be priced at an affordable 32,000Tsh for whole sale and for retail at the price of 40,000/= Tsh, which is a fantastic value considering the exceptional quality of the product. Make sure to place your order today if you want to be among the early fans to have new club kit.

yanga new jersey (kits) price | bei ya jezi za yanga
yanga new jersey (kits) price | bei ya jezi za yanga


With a keen eye for design and a commitment to innovation, Yanga has once again demonstrated their dedication to staying ahead of the game. The new jerseys showcase a perfect blend of style, quality, and functionality, ensuring that players not only look their best but also perform at their peak.

The vibrant colors and striking patterns featured in the new jerseys reflect the rich history and spirit of Yanga. The iconic club crest takes center stage, proudly representing the team’s heritage and values. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Yanga and evoke a sense of pride among both players and supporters.

Furthermore, these jerseys have been constructed using high-quality materials that prioritize comfort and durability. The use of advanced fabric technology allows for enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility, enabling players to excel on the field and feel at ease during intense matches.

Yanga’s decision to launch these new jerseys has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from fans all across the country. The jerseys are not just a representation of the team but also a symbol of unity and camaraderie among the Yanga community.

In conclusion, Yanga’s unveiling of their new jerseys is a significant event in the football world. These stylish and trendsetting jerseys not only elevate the team’s image but also empower players and fans alike. As Yanga continues to make strides in their sporting endeavors, their new jerseys will undoubtedly inspire and unite all those associated with the club.

How To Pre Order Jezi Mpya Za Yanga | New Jersey (Kits)

Contact Club Management To Place Your Order In Advance:

  • Branch Leaders: 0754 346 698
  • Traders: 0784 076 385 & 0745 000 000


Bei Ya Sasa Jezi Mpya Za Yanga Ni 40,000/= 

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